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*Products are not for sale directly at our headquarters in Drake, SK.

What we make!

All of our products are crafted locally in small batches with:

  • Quality cuts of pork and beef
  • Unique blends of spices
  • Natural hardwood smoke

It’s the way we’ve done things since 1949 and it’s the way we’ll always do them. Discover more about our craft and how we can make your meals even more special.

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Jerky in a Box

Get 100% Canadian Beef jerky delivered to your doorstep, made exclusively by Drake Meats. Available across Canada with free shipping on orders over $65.

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Our Small-Batch Method

Prime Cuts

A premium sausage starts with premium cuts of meat. No mechanically separated protein, no filler—just real pork and beef in all of our products.

Household Spices

From family recipes harkening back to our founder’s homestead, to contemporary innovations, we use unique blends of spices that give our craft character.

Natural Smoke

Is there any other way? We polish off all our crafted meats with a trip to the smokehouse, fueled by maple and hickory wood chips.


Humble Beginnings

What does a village of fewer than 250 people have to offer an entire country? We like to think quite a lot. Here in Drake, Saskatchewan, we understand two things pretty well: great food, and great company—the very same words the entire Drake Meats legacy is built upon.

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