Cook Your Bacon Perfectly Crispy, Every Time

If you’ve ever pan-fried bacon for your whole family, you know how difficult it is to get each strip to the perfect crispness, and have it all ready at the same time. Most skillets can’t properly fit long strips of bacon without folding over, leaving you with unevenly-cooked pieces. Plus, if you’re cooking more bacon than a single pan can … Read More

Retail Store Closed, Replaced by Order System

*Announcement: Drake Meats local retail store has been permanently closed* This is a general announcement to let our customers know that the Drake Meats local retail store is no longer open. Instead, in an effort to accommodate our local community and those passing through, we have introduced a Customer Order Pick-Up system. You may order Drake Meats products directly through our … Read More

Same Company, New Look.

Welcome to the fresh new hub of Drake Meats! Whether you’re new to our company or a lifelong customer, we’re glad you’re here. We want to give you a glimpse into the small-town culture of our Drake Meats family, and showcase the quality and care we’ve put into each small batch of our naturally smoked meat since 1949. Throughout the … Read More