OUR Family

Food brings people together, and so do we. Since 1949, we’ve welcomed over 70 individuals into the diverse team that we are today. Find out a little more about our people, and see for yourself what makes us unique.

Kelly Ediger

Nickname: Ziggy
Position: Owner, CEO
Hometown: Drake, SK
Hobbies: Cars, so long as it goes fast!
Passion: Travelling, hockey
Spirit Animal: Anything but a bird.

The patriarch of our Drake Meats’ family, Kelly has been working at the company for as long as he can remember. Following in his father’s footsteps, Kelly currently oversees all operations of Drake Meats, a job he is very passionate about: “To walk around a grocer and see our product successfully contend against the big guys, it just puts a smile on my face.” By keeping in close contact with all his workers, Kelly does more than keep tabs on productivity; he gets to maintain relationships with them that are unparalleled in the industry. When he isn’t ordering quality cuts of pork and beef, Kelly can be found along Highway 16, driving his car or truck as the land of living skies sets its sun.

Norman Ediger

Nickname: Norm
Position: Former Owner
Hometown: Drake, SK
Hobbies: Conversation, shuffleboard
Passion: Travelling to Arizona
Spirit Animal: Deer

Raised as a farmer outside of Drake, Norm spent most of his early years helping out at the family farm. He transitioned to General Manager of the community’s locker plant in his 20’s, and soon became owner of the business. He spent time running the meat shop alongside his parents and eventually his son, Kelly. Norm was known for his service to the community and little acts of kindness, like handing out treats to kids visiting his shop. His mild mannered, friendly, receptive demeanor put a smile on the face of anyone who interacted with him. He continued to work at the shop until his late 70’s, though he still visits whenever he gets the chance. Norm currently resides in Saskatoon with his wife Doreen, humbled and excited about the future of his family legacy.

Tyson Ediger

Nickname: Tys
Position: Marketing Associate
Hometown: Drake, SK
Hobbies: Guitar, hockey, volleyball
Passion: genuine time spent with friends and family
Spirit Animal: Dog

Like his father, Tyson spent time in the family business from an early age. His first job at age 7 involved filling the retail store’s pop machine, for which he required a stepping stool to reach the top shelf. Moving into production, and eventually to administration, he has had a taste of the various aspects that make Drake Meats run. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration, Tyson decided to use his energy to help advance the family business even further. When he’s not connecting with others or strategizing ways to spread the Drake Meats brand, Tyson can be found strumming his acoustic or laughing alongside friends.

Greg Jantz

Nickname: Willis
Position: VP Marketing and Sales
Hometown: Drake, SK
Hobbies: Golf, Guitar
Passion: Exploring the world of beverage and food.
Spirit Animal: Wolf

Greg truly has had a homegrown career, having worked at Drake for over half his life. Over the course of 26 years he has worked in all departments, ascending all the way to the head of sales and marketing of Drake Meats; he lives and breathes the company mantra, “always delighting, always delivering.” With a deep appreciation for quality food and drink, Greg has no conflicts when making a sale, believing Drake Meats to truly be crafters of fine product. Whether jamming in his basement studio, or playing a round on the green, Greg is always cooking up more ideas to introduce the products he loves to the public.

Lindsay Dumanski

Nickname: Linds
Position: Quality Assurance/Human Resource Manager
Hometown: Saskatoon, SK
Favourite Drake Product: Homestyle Bacon
Hobbies: Biking, volleyball, guitar
Passion: Travelling, music, and family
Spirit Animal: Eagle

When it comes to making sure our customers and employees are content, Lindsay is the person for the job. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in French and travelling to places as far as Japan to teach English, Lindsay met her husband and settled on a farm in Lockwood, Saskatchewan. While Lindsay is proud of taking our food safety program to the next level, she loves her children even more so, spending most of her spare time escorting them to various activities. If there are ever any concerns over the people or products of Drake Meats, Lindsay is sure to address the situation with immediacy and passion.

Cameron Johnson

Nickname: Cam
Position: CFO
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Favourite Drake Product: Beer Sticks
Hobbies: Golf, skiing, mountain biking, and kayaking
Passion: Family and exploring the outdoors
Spirit Animal: Black Bear

Born in Toronto, Cam heard about Drake Meats after moving to work in Regina in his 20s. He eventually started his own consulting firm, and was hired by Kelly one fateful day. After an initial valuation Cam grew even more invested, and now he serves as the Chief Financial Officer. When he’s not consulting in Toronto or advancing agriculture in Saskatchewan, he can be found enjoying the great Canadian outdoors with his kids in tow.