Mennonite Sausage, Root Veggies, & Pan Gravy

Drake Sausage, Root Veggies, and Pan Gravy

One-pan meals make weekday dinners a breeze, and this Sausage, Root Veggies & Pan Gravy dish is no exception! Loaded with veggies, fresh herbs, and mild Mennonite Sausage, it’s a savoury dish that will leave your entire family satisfied. *The following recipe was submitted by Drake Meat’s Ambassador, Chelsea Suik-Thomas. VEGGIES: 700 g red potatoes, cut into 2” pieces 3 … Read More

Bacon Potato Salad

Drake Meats Bacon Potato Salad

*The following recipe was submitted by Drake Meats’ Ambassador, Chelsea Suik-Thomas. “I made this incredible potato salad for our annual birthday BBQ and let me tell you, it knocked the socks (sandals?!) off everyone who tried it! I’ve tried many recipes before this one and this is by far the best. Definitely a keeper and made better with Drake Meats … Read More